Mth Dcs Wiring Diagram

is it wrong to do this with mth dcs o gauge railroading

mth dcs power wrong gauge else imagine nothing someone doing job easy

mth dcs into 2 rail scale o gauge railroading on line forum
mth realtrax switch problem o gauge railroading on line
wiring diagram dcs ps2 3v to slave board o gauge
fastrack switch wiring and operation o gauge railroading

mth scale track benchwork spacing dcs rail yard into gauge bethel curve train line ogrforum ogaugerr true. switch mth realtrax circuit problem line burned shorting came bottom board right 2088 ogrforum ogaugerr.

ps2 board slave wiring diagram dcs 3v pigtail. switch fastrack wiring operation 4d21 layout switches gauge legacy into system could 832b.

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